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Entry to the service is by referral only and you must be a responsible health professional involved in the ongoing care and support of the person being referred.

The best outcomes are achieved by referring people early on in their recovery, rather than waiting until somebody is perceived to be 'work ready'. If you are working with someone who is likely to be eligible for TeAM's employment support service and they have expressed an interest in finding work, get in touch with us or send in a referral.

In Nelson/Tasman, the following services are able to refer people to TeAM: Nelson Adult Mental Health Team, Tasman Adult Mental Health Team, the Early Intervention Service (EIS) and the Maori Mental Health Team.

In Marlborough, referrals come via the Witherlea Adult Mental Health Team.

Our West Coast service is currently open to clients of the Community Mental Health Services (across Buller, Greymouth and Hokitika) as well as Addictions service(s), CAMHS, the Primary Health Organisation and GPs.

TeAM Referral Form

Please note that this must be completed by a health professional.

You must be able to tick all boxes to confirm eligibility - please contact us if you are unsure. Supporting information (such as a Wellness Plan) is required.

You can email completed referrals to

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