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There are lots of reasons that people need support finding (and keeping) employment. TeAM works exclusively with people experiencing challenges with their mental health and/or addiction.

You don't have to be certain that you would like to work, or commit to a particular type of work or hours. Perhaps you think that you might like to explore paid employment for financial reasons, to find a way to participate in society, to learn new skills or to meet new people? You may want to return to work or find your first job or even sign up for an apprenticeship.

Through our years of experience, TeAM can support you to identify your employment goals and develop a plan to reach them!

Entry to the service is by referral from your mental health or addiction practitioner (and by some other health services for West Coast TeAM).

If you are unsure if you are eligible, please contact us for a chat. 03 548 8120

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