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Volunteer Nelson

"Volunteer Nelson has developed a strong relationship with Te Ara Mahi as we believe that they provide a quality service for their clients. Staff at Te Ara Mahi recognise that volunteering is an important pathway to work, having increased social contact and having an improved sense of self-worth. Staff always support their clients by attending interviews with them, which helps everyone get a good understanding of what the client’s wants and needs are. Staff provide ongoing support by liaising with the community organisation requesting volunteers, and keeping in touch with Volunteer Nelson."



Barbican Training Centre

"Barbican Training Centre has welcomed Te Ara Mahi clients into our training programmes in the past and have enjoyed engaging with the staff at Te Ara Mahi. It has been great to see Te Ara Mahi clients grow in confidence and learn skills in business, money and computing and with the support and assistance of Te Ara Mahi putting that knowledge to use in developing their  planned career and training pathways."



“The attitude of staff was friendly and supportive and made it easy to understand and achieve goals.”


 “They went out of their way to suggest job possibilities, found me a job and assisted me right to the last minute. My CV was well updated. The support was wonderful.”


"The staff were very personable, easy to talk to and weren’t too pushy. They gave me suggestions, ideas and things to think about and do – a good approach."


“The staff were very supportive and helped to improve my confidence. They always kept in contact, communication was great.”


“The staff went above and beyond all expectations. Their support, confidence and belief in me helped enormously. From practical tips to psychological insights, they cleared a path for me and have been invaluable.”


“The staff were very nice, personal and helpful. Great to have a guide with a positive perspective.”


"They helped me to get back into life, and life is looking up."


 “I found the whole process very helpful and enlightening. I didn’t know Te Ara Mahi existed prior to being referred there.”


 “Everything you guys did was awesome.”


“It was confidence building and reminded me I had a lot more career skills than I thought.”


“Staff were always very helpful and encouraging, motivating and understanding.”


“All the team members were really approachable and helpful (and enthusiastic) and I really appreciated this.”


“Great staff, very helpful and friendly.”


 “They made me feel comfortable within the community, not useless.”


“They actually walked with me to hand out my CV to retail shops. Without them I would not have had the confidence.”


“They were good at listening to specific needs and giving honest, achievable options.”



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Employment and Training Support
Employment and Training Support
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