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Referral is by a health professional only and must meet the following criteria:


The person being referred

  • has expressed a desire to seek employment and/or engage in education or training

  • has a diagnosed mental health condition 

  • has consented to a referral to TeAM

The person referring

  • is a mental health professional directly involved in the person's ongoing care and support

  • can provide a current Wellbeing Plan or other relevant supporting information (as required) with the referral 

The following services can refer to TeAM:

Nelson | Tasman: 

  • Adult Community Mental Health

  • Early Intervention Service (EIS)

  • Maori Mental Health


  • Adult Community Mental Health (previously Witherlea House)

West Coast:

  • Adult Community Mental Health Services - Buller, Greymouth, Hokitika

  • Rata Alcohol & Other Drug Services 

  • Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS)

  • West Coast PHO - Brief Intervention Service


Timely access to Employment Services

We strongly advocate for early access to our service rather than waiting until a person is perceived to be 'work ready.' The best outcomes are achieved by referring people early on in their recovery, when they have indicated an interested in employment.


If you are working with someone who is likely to be eligible for TeAM and they have expressed an interest in finding work, get in touch with us for more info.

Send completed referral forms with supporting information to: 

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