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Individual Placement & Support (IPS)

TeAM is the only Individual Placement & Support (IPS) service provider in the Top of the South Island.


The IPS model of employment support focuses on improved outcomes by connecting employment support with a person's mental health support team. Our Nelson Tasman and Marlborough Employment Specialists work directly within community mental health teams. 


IPS is an evidence-based practice that supports people with lived experience of mental health and addictions to find employment of their choice in the community. IPS focuses on a rapid job search and job brokering with employers. IPS emphasies that work is not the result of treatment and recovery but an integral piece to both. IPS is provided in line with the eight core principles. 

IPS Core Principles: 

  1. Zero Exclusion: People are not excluded on the basis of readiness, diagnoses, symptoms, substance use history, psychiatric hospitalizations, homelessness, level of disability, or legal system involvement.

  2. Person Preferences: Services are based on each person’s preferences and choices, rather than the Employment Specialist's and Care Provider's judgments.

  3. Integrated Employment and Treatment Services: IPS programs are closely integrated with mental health treatment teams. 

  4. Rapid Job Search: IPS programs use a rapid job search approach to help job seekers obtain jobs directly, rather than providing lengthy pre-employment assessment, training, and counseling. If further education is part of their plan, IPS specialists assist in these activities as needed.

  5. Competitive Employment: Agencies providing IPS services are committed to competitive employment as an attainable goal for people with behavioral health conditions seeking employment. Competitive employment means jobs anyone can apply for, at the market wage rate, and with no artificial time limits. Mainstream education and specialized training may enhance career paths.

  6. Systematic Job Development: Employment specialists systematically visit employers, who are selected based on job seeker preferences, to learn about their business needs and hiring preferences.

  7. Time-Unlimited and Individualised Support: Job supports are individualised and continue for as long as each person wants and needs the support.

  8. Benefits Planning: Employment Specialists help people obtain personalised, understandable, and accurate information about their Work & Income, Kiwisaver, and other entitlements. 

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