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What We Do

TeAM works closely with people using mental health services to help them develop clear employment goals and make progress towards achieving those goals. We focus on supporting people to find paid employment (and training that will lead to future employment).

Steps along the journey towards paid work may include job sampling or voluntary work, and anything that helps jobseekers upskill, improve their motivation and build self-confidence. We actively support people to find suitable and sustainable competitive employment that contributes to their wellbeing.

We support people in many ways:

  •   Goal Setting
  •   Cover Letters & Application Forms
  •   CV Preparation
  •   Career Development
  •   Training & Education Support
  •   Accessing Subsidies
  •   Job Sampling
  •   Job Brokerage
  •   Voluntary Work
  •   Employer and Employee Support
  •   Support with Other Agencies
  •   Workplace Support
  •   Job Retention

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